From the beginning. 

As I mentioned in my short I tried post I started this journey a little under a year ago. In reality I noticed around summer 2015 I was having a lot of jaw pain. It started affect my quality of life and I wanted to find a solution.  I went to my dentist complaining of the pain and when she saw my X-rays she became concerned and sent me to a oral surgeon.  

As you can see in my X-ray my TMJ joint has significant degeneration especially on the right side it was basically gone to nothing and the left slowly following suit causing me a lot of pain. The oral surgeon basically told me the only option I would have is a total joint replacement… now when he said that I couldn’t even process it. I’m thinking to myself- I’m 24, I just got married and I’m building a house. Talk about horrible timing! It was a lot to take in. My husband and I live in Texas away from our immediate family so our support team was us aswell as a aunt and uncle close by. Talk about stress. Then we had to figure out insurance which will be a whole post on its own because that was a roller coaster of emotion as well. Anyways, after deciding total joint replacement was my only option it was off to a orthotondist to help straighten my teeth and prep for the surgery because it’d I’m going to have a 200k+ surgery I might as well have a beautiful smile to go along with it… 


Author: jediplumbadung

Im 25. Married. Two dogs and a cat living in Texas just trying to figure out this whole adult thing.

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