Leading up to the “big day”

There was about ten months between getting brace out on and my surgery. braces at 24 was never part of my “plan” especially when I already look like a 12 year old. I was blessed with Asian genes so I’m 4’11, roughly 97 pounds and have always looked young. Braces haven’t been horrible. Of course they’re not any fun and painful at times but I always looked st the bigger picture. Thinking of how one day I might be able to eat a burger without cutting it up or maybe even eat popcorn again! With the deterioration I had it made it so basically none of my teeth touched except my back molars. I had been on a soft food diet for about a year at this point. Leading up to surgery it was basically just straightening my teeth and the occasional visit to my oral surgeon to see what had changed. Once my teeth were ready we set the date. May 10th 2017, I knew it would take three months for TMJ concepts to make my new joints so we did the molds, CT scan etc. then the waiting game. One tip I have before your surgery- fill your prescriptions before you will not be any shape to leave the house for Atleast a week after surgery hah.